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P series mass flow sensor

P series mass flow sensor

Product Details


Including P series Sensor and DPT100 Transmitter, P Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with the measuring accuracy is of ±0.1%.

P10 / P15 / P20 / P25 / P50 / P80 / P100 / P150 / P200 / P250

Benefits Features

Advantages & Characteristics

●   Applying double U or Double C type flow tubes designing with the higher sensitivity;

●   Supplying the complete measurements of mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and calculated parameters, you can receive the reliable measured results without any complicated calculation, which can directly replace the volume meter;

   Ease of installation without rectification and filtering parts, no need special installation required straight pipes;

   No moving parts and no need frequent maintenance; no need to be dismounted frequently for calibration because of high stable performance;

●   Allowing to run with low flow range to reduce pressure loss and power consumption;

   Compact installation to save the installation costs;

   Compatible with N Series A(flange intervals)size;

    With the ultra-high accurate measurement and long time stability, enabling it to be applied in custody transfer measurement of traded;

    With the super wide turndown to accurately measure gas;

      With strong generality, enabling the connected transmitter to be interchanged, ease of maintenance.
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