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C series mass flow sensor

Product Details


Column C flowmeters C Series (formerly ZLJC series) mass flow sensor and the B series (formerly ZLJB series) constitute a matching transmitter accuracy class 0.2 and 0.5 of the Coriolis mass flowmeter.

C1 / C3 / C7 / C20 / C36 / C75 / C150 / C360 / C600

Benefits Features

1, double U-shaped or C-shaped double tube design, high sensitivity of the product
2, to provide a complete mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature measurement and calculation parameters, without the cumbersome conversion can be obtained reliable results, can directly replace the volume table
3, easy to install, no flow, no straight pipe and other special installation requirements
4, no moving parts, unimpeded flow element, without regular maintenance; high stability, calibration without frequent disassembly
5, having a larger flow path, reducing the pressure loss, reduce energy consumption and waste
6, caliber rich, basically to meet the process flow in all cases

7, high accuracy, to meet user requirements

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