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CZL4 Flow Quantitatively Control Instrument

CZL4 Flow Quantitatively Control Instrument

Product Details


Combining with our company’s more than 20 years experience in the metering industry, as well as based on the market’s requirements, CZL4 Flow Quantitatively Control Instrument is created and main applied in the fields of oil, chemical, refinery chemical, pharmacy, building industry for measuring and controlling truck loading and barrel filling, as well as applied in the industry process for materials accurate matching. 

Technical Specification and Characteristics
◆   Power Supply
① 20.4~28.8VDC Starting Current1A(Non-Loaded);
② 100~240V AC 50Hz
◆   Input Characteristics
① Flow Input:
high speed Counting, Two-way 200KHz, Logic 1(Minimum) 4V, Logic 0(Maximum) 1V; Four-way 30KHz, Logic 1(Minimum) 15V, Logic 0(Maximum) 1V. Analog Quantity 0~10V or 0~20mA, Resolution Ratio12 digits, Maximum 5µA, Expanding 4-20mA as per the requirements.
② Digital Input:
10 Points, Optional Passive or Active Input as per the requirements, Operating Valves Feedback(Switch), Liquid Level Alarm, Static Grounded Signals, etc.
③ Analog Input:
two-way, 0~10V or 0~20mA, Single-ended input, Resolution Ratio 12 digits, Accuracy is ±1%(full scale), Operating the Signals Input of Valves Signal Feedback(Analog Quantity), Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter; The Average Accuracy is 0.1%.     
   Output Characteristics
① Digital Output:
    10 Points
    5~28.8V DC(24VDC Power Supply)
5~30V DC or 5~250VAC(220V AC 50Hz Power Supply)
    operating the Output of Valves Output Control, Pump Output, Alarm Output, etc.
② Analog Output:
0~10V or 0~20mA, Resolution Ratio 12 digits, Accuracy is ±2%(Full Scale), Operating the Output of Valves Control, Frequency Converter Signal Analog Quantity Output, the Maximum Driving Voltage Output ≧5000Ω, Current Output≦500Ω.
◆    Communication Port
① RS485/Modbus:
    1.2Kbaud to 115.2Kbaud, Communication Data is 8 digits, CRC Verification, Optional Setting Odd Verification, Even Verification or Null Verification.
    the Standard RS485 Communication Cables, the Communication Distance Depends on the Baud to Determine; At the Condition of no Repeaters , 9.6Kbaud, Cable Length is no More Than 500m; Otherwise, with Repeaters, 19.2Kbaud, Cable Length is no More Than 1000m.
② Profibus DP:
Optional the Communication Type, 9.6Kbaud、19.2Kbaud、45.5Kbaud to 500Kbaud Profibus-DP Passive Station, Standard Profibus Cables Lower Than 93.75KB Can Transfer 1200m.

Benefits Features

1. Data collection, quantitative control function
2. The true color moving picture display
3. parameter settings (loading capacity, the pump is turned off in advance the amount of shut-off valves in advance the amount of flow multistage operation, etc.)
4. Spill chain, grounding chain, chain stop, power-down protection
5. Remote / local loading conversion
6. Real-time monitoring, alarm function
7. loading records storage, query
8. Communications Networking
9. The system of self-diagnosis function
10. A valve control mode (electromagnetic valve, two valves, regulating valves, electro-hydraulic valve)
11. Extended Function Select (IC card control, touch pad control, full numeric keypad control, PC communication, external display)
12. The control mode selection (control 1 1,1 2,1 Control Control 4)
13. Multi-level permission settings, protection
14. with adaptive automatic error correction function: quantitative error arising after 3 consecutive loading will be automatically memory controller, an automatic correction when the next loading loading parameters to make loading error, tended to go "zero . "
15. scalability, increased control module to meet the actual needs of working conditions
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